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The Anti OTP Ficathon
Trying to gain a little understanding
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18th-May-2006 04:11 pm - KH2 - Namine/Roxas; A promise
roses have thorns they say.
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts (II)
Pairing: Namine/Roxas
Warnings: Has spoilers, bewaare. Fluff as puff. My interpretation of their first meeting.
Rating: PG

a promise?Collapse )
13th-May-2006 10:11 am - One Elfen Lied, Kouta/Yuka!
Fandom: Elfen Lied
Pairing: Kouta/Yuka
Warnings: Some spoiler-y things and sap. A little angst.
Rating: PG

A link to it on FFN: I'll Never Leave

I'll Never LeaveCollapse )
(Yuna) Searching
Fandom: Final Fantasy X/X-2
Pairing: Tidus/Yuna
Warnings: Sap
Rating: PG13

Star from the SkyCollapse )
16th-Apr-2006 12:09 am - FFIV, Edge/Rydia, Cried
(Me) Pixels
Fandom: Final Fantasy IV
Pairing: Edge/Rydia
Warnings: None
Rating: G
Notes: Wahaha, I can write Edge/Rydia now. I had a couple of attempts (you could check my writing journal for those, a couple of drabbles at edenbound) but this is my final attempt and I call the win over this pairing. xD; Also written for mount_ordeals.

CriedCollapse )
14th-Apr-2006 10:47 pm - "Flutter"
Kain: Stupid People
Fandom:  Final Fantasy IV
Rating:  G
Warnings:  Fluff, sap

FlutterCollapse )

C&C is muchly appreciated.  Cross-posted to athyn, antiotpficathon and ff_drabble
14th-Apr-2006 11:31 am - Drop/Extension list
Kanetsugu looking off
Comment to this post if you wish to drop a pairing or request an extension.
14th-Apr-2006 11:30 am - FAQ/Suggestions
Kanetsugu looking off
Comment here for any questions or suggestions you may have.
14th-Apr-2006 12:34 pm - FFVIII, Squall/Rinoa, Tracks
(Me) Pixels
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Pairing: Squall Leonhart/Rinoa Heartilly
Warnings: Sap
Rating: PG

TracksCollapse )
14th-Apr-2006 01:42 am - [Saiyuki] Sanzo/Hakkai: Unimportance
Misc: Masked like a lover
I daresay that this is the first fic entry? The plotbunnies bit hard.

Also, I apologize for the rather gen-like nature of the fic. -facepalm-


Characters/Pairing: Sanzo/Hakkai, Gojyo->Hakkai
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1195
Summary: ‘They're looking at each other again, those small, secret glances that they think he doesn't see. Fucking morons.’ Gojyo-POV. For the antiotpficathon.

( Unimportance )
11th-Apr-2006 10:54 am - Claims List
Kanetsugu looking off
List of Claims

Battle Royale II
Nanahara Shuya/Kurosawa Ryo-rushikayu13

Cardcaptor Sakura
Eriol Hiragizawa/Tomoyo Daidouji-akusai

Final Fantasy VII
Cid Highwind/Vincent Valentine-kiraya

Fullmetal Alchemist
Ed X Winry-mona_june

Midou Ban X Fuuchouin Kazuki-amai_kaminari

Gundam SEED: Destiny
Athrun Zala x Cagalli Yura Athha-dropsofgleam

Kingdom Hearts
Maleficent x Riku-lassos

Kingdom Hearts II
Sora x Riku-koyuki_hime

Axel x Riku-evil_sky_six

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Marluxia x Naminé-friendships

Genjo SanzoxCho Hakkai-a_mael

Format for Claiming Pairings:

Post a comment to this thread listing the following:

Series: (Name of Series)
Pairing: (Name of pairing using full names. No special pairing names.)

Don't start writing until I've replied to your post and listed your claim.
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