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The Anti OTP Ficathon
Trying to gain a little understanding
Tenipuri: Atobe Keigo/Shishido Ryou (shounen-ai) 
9th-Jun-2006 07:43 am
[*johnnys - arashi] nino ~ pitch
Title: Neapolitan
Author: LTGMars
Series: Prince of Tennis
Characters: Atobe Keigo/Shishido Ryou
Rating: PG for language
Warnings: Fluff (squint-to-see-it shounen-ai)
Length: 1,441 words
Summary: Atobe and Shishido go out to eat ice cream after Shishido rejoins the regulars. Atobe reflects a bit [too much].

He had to admit, though, that his level of curiousity and intrigue was far above the acceptable limit. Badass Hyoutei Tennis Club Buchou Atobe Keigo wasn't supposed to be curious or intrigued or excited by little, inconsequential things like chosen ice cream flavors. That was what Jiroh was for.
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