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The Anti OTP Ficathon
Trying to gain a little understanding
Saiyuki: Bound by Nothing (SanzoXHakkai) 
1st-May-2007 10:57 pm
minekura beer

Title: Bound to Nothing
Author: amai_kaminari
Fandom: Saiyuki
Character(s): Hakkai, Sanzo, brief mentions of Gojyo, Goku
Pairing(s): SanzoXHakkai (38) with implied HakkaiXGojyo (85) and SanzoXGoku (39)
Challenge: antiotpficathon
Rating: T
Warnings: Shounen ai, M/M, Language, Dark
Spoilers: Passing references to Hakkai and Sanzo’s past.
Timeline: Very early in the Journey
DISCLAIMER: Saiyuki and all Saiyuki characters belong to the great Kazuya Minekura-sensei.
A/N: One of the darkest fics I have ever written. Special thanks to my AMAZING friend and beta, the wonderful and incredibly talented a_mael
Summary: Hakkai and Sanzo attempt to answer the question: Can we truly be bound to nothing?

(Saiyuki: Bound by Nothing)
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