The Anti OTP Ficathon

Trying to gain a little understanding

Anti-OTP Ficathon
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You have a pairing that you abosolutely hate? You can't understand why anyone would like it. Maybe your fandom is inudated with it to the point of it being purely nasuating or else it's a rarity whose very existance makes your eyes bleed. It might just be that it squicks you like there's no tomorrow. Or else you gave it a chance only to that the fic was so badly written that you can't stand the though of reading it again.

Well, if you're a little open minded, here's a chance to try something a little different. The goal of this community is to help us gain a little understand for those pairings that other people are absolutly in love with. The idea is simple: you claim a pairing that you hate/dislike and you write a fic for it. And it can't be a fic bashing either of the characters or the pairing. It must be an attempt to write the characters as a couple, together.

The hope is that through doing this, even if you still don't like the pairing you may have gained a little understanding for the fans it's fans and that you had the chance to do something a little different.


-It shouldn't be a pairing you like. It should be one you either dislike, hate or simply have trouble understanding.

-It can be any fandom you want, save for those where the owners of the works have expressisly forbidden fanfiction.

-Het, Yuri and Yaoi are allowed. If you have a hated gen pairing, that's also fine and threesomes, foursomes, ectra are also allowed.

-The work shouldn't be bashing the pairing and it shouldn't be a parody of it. It can be comedy, fluff or drama, but it should present the characters as a viable couple.

-Minimum length is a hundred words. Otherwise, there is no limit. Works can be posted in installments as well, just make sure to note it in your header/subject line.

-No flaming at all or bashing.

-Fics should be turned in within two months of being claimed.

-to claim your pairing, go here. Make sure to check the claims list first. You can claim up to three different pairings, as long as you're up to it. Only one person per pairing and you can't claim more than one pairing from the same fandom. Once you are finished with your pairing though, you can go and claim a different one from that same fandom.

Example: You can claim Inuyasha/Kagome from Inuyasha, Wufei/Treize from Gundam Wing and Squall/Seifer from Final Fantasy VIII. You could not also claim Ran/Ken from Weiss Kreuz though, because you'd already reached your limit. You'd have to finish one of your other fics for.

Example two: You claim Saitou/Sano from Ruroni Kenshin. You can not also claim Sano/Megumi from Ruroni Kenshin. You'd have to finish Saitou/Sano first.

-To drop a pairing or request an extension, check out this post.

-If you have any questions or suggestions, either check out this post or email me at: silvermagess@yahoo.com.

-All fics shall be archived under memories.